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PlayerParent Expectations

Player Expectations

Central North Carolina SC expects all players to follow the club’s code of conduct and guidelines. As a CNC player, you agree to:

  • Represent CNC SC with the highest degree of integrity, commitment and professionalism both on and off the soccer field.
  • Respect the game, coaches, players, officials and parents at all times.
  • Honor your commitment to CNC SC.  Be on time and in proper uniform for all practices and games.
  • Support and encourage your teammates and other CNC SC players during practices, games and events.
  • Communicate with your parents and CNC SC coaches about any questions or concerns you have regarding your team, performance, development and goals.
  • Maintain a sense of dedication to CNC SC by continually striving to develop both mental discipline and physical athletic conditioning.
  • Follow CNC SC guidelines and training for preventing soccer-related injuries.
  • Play soccer with passion, determination and spirit. Enjoy the game, lessons learned and friends you make while playing with CNC SC

Parent Expectations

Watching our children learn, compete and improve in the game of soccer is fun for all parents.  Unfortunately, youth sports can also bring out the worst in adults.  It is important that parents are involved and informed in their child's experiences in the club, but CNC SC  also believes the role of a parent should be one of love, care and support. 

As a result of this philosophy, below are points that will guide the CNC SC parent culture. Should your actions directly conflict with any of these points both you and your player will be subject to suspension.

1)  Let the Coaches Coach:

There should only be one person/voice that coaches. If you are telling your son or daughter or any other player to do something - you are coaching. Even worse is if you are telling your son or daughter to do something that is different from what their coach is telling them. This creates confusion and distraction.  Cheer for them, encourage them, but don't coach them.

2)  Let the Kids Play:

Soccer is a difficult game. It is made even more difficult when parents are yelling from the sidelines. Encourage them, cheer for them but do not go beyond this.

3)  Do Not Discuss the Play of any players in front of other parents:

“I don’t know how he made the team.” “She just isn’t fast enough.” Negative comments are hurtful and unnecessary and kill parent harmony – something that is essential to a team’s experience and success

4)  Your Children listen, believe and say the same things that you say to them:

A negative parent attitude often results in a negative child’s attitude.

5)  Do not complain about your son or daughter’s coach to other parents:

This is like a disease. If you have an issue, speak to your coach. If the issue is not important enough to speak to your coach about it, do not speak about it at all

6)  Positive Comments From the Sideline:

Make positive comments from the sidelines. You can often see a young player make an extra effort when they hear encouraging words.

7)  Avoid negative comments about the other team:

We are all working with children. These young players aren’t professionals. Speaking about the other team is tasteless, classless, and these kinds of comments will not be tolerated by CNC SC.

8)  Interaction with Parents from other team:

These parents are not the enemy and in many cases there can be some great conversations or discussions amongst parent groups. On the other hand, If there is a negative parent or group of parents do not engage or stoop to their level.

9)  Referees:

Like your child who will make mistakes during a game so will a referee. These referees are learning and improving and your feedback is not needed or welcome, regardless of how good or bad you think they are doing.  No coach, parent or player has EVER changed the mind of a referee - resist the urge to try.

10) Outbursts:

Outburst towards the referee or the other team only signal to our children on the field that it is ok to blame referees and unfairness for anything that goes wrong. Blaming others is not a formula for success in sports or in life.

11) ‘It was in the heat of the moment’:

We all feel things and are all tempted to say things in the ‘heat of the moment’.  This is not a reason for an outburst.
Our CNC SC  players who do things in the ‘heat of the moment’ get yellow/red carded, get called for fouls, etc. so we should apply similar standards to our own sideline behavior. 

12) Walk Away:

If all else fails, walk away.  

13.)  Training and Games

Make sure to get your child to training and games on time!


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